Cause Expression of Interest

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Cause Selection

We use the word “cause” for a reason. The causes QueenPins chooses to support do not have to be charitable organizations. We want to help a cause, big or small, that makes an impact on our local community. We consider how each cause demonstrates values of diversity and inclusion, and which would most benefit from increased exposure to the business community and potential donors.

A representative from the chosen cause will be asked to sit on the QueenPins committee for the planning and execution of the fundraising event.

The submission review committee might have questions, so ensure you have a contact person who can respond in a timely manner.

If you have already submitted an expression of interest for a previous event and nothing has changed, you may re-submit the same application for consideration using the form below. Due to our volume of submissions, expressions of interest must be re-submitted each year. 

For more information please call Kaitlyn Touesnard at 902-229-1707 or e-mail

Please complete the form below to submit your Cause Expression of Interest. To be considered for the 2019 Fundraisers, please submit your application by March 15th, 2019. 

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